O.k., o.k., so here's my homepage. Big deal. Don't know how you arrived at this page, chances are it had something to do with CERN or particle physics. Yes, my thesis involves work for CERN and I was a summerstudent there back in good ol' -94. Took a lot of photos then, have a look at set one and set two. Sunniva also took some hilarious pictures. I also made some friends there, amongst the webable we find Gerco. Of course, none of them knew anything about my murky past, as represented by this picture...

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Some quick facts about me:
I do have a life outside the studies, most of which is none of your business. This link shouldn't need any explanation, except that it's sort of hopegiving to see the USA come up with a site like this. I also like the dessert Tilslørte Bondepiker, but I couldn't find an approperiate link... come on, Mum, where's your Homepage? I even have some local, real-world friends, Mikael is one of them. You can tell he's local by the strange, incomprehensible language he's using in his homepage. It's called Norwegian. I consider Roy Harper to be among the best songwriters and artists alive. For me, a songwriter's seriousness and comittment is important. No-one can beat Roy Harper there. He is certainly one of the most uncommercial artist around. That allows him to keep his full integrity, but have stopped him from reaching out to the big audience. If you are curious, you should check out The Stormcock mailing list. The site contains a great deal of info about Harper. The same does this Roy Harper homepage, maintained in Finland.

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