Sunniva's pictures

Sunniva's pictures.

Here are some of the pictures Sunniva took during the summer of -94, when she and me and a lot of other people were summerstudents at CERN. I took many pictures, too, but these have a higher... umm, hilarity-factor. But, because I have scanned these, they have a poorer technical quality than mine, which were developed directly onto Photo-CD. To get the most out of these pictures, they should be viewed on a screen that can display 16 bits or higher colour. In 256 colours they don't look too good, but try xv on UNIX or JPEGView on MacOS, those programs map the screens colours to as close as possible those of the picture. Works wonders...Enjoy.


These picures I finally got via Belgium, because Sunniva, her pictures and me never seemed to be able to be at the same place at the same time. As a small revenge I made a morph of Tryggve and Sunniva, based on a photo from CERN. It's in flattened QuickTime format. For those of you that don't have access to QT, an MPG version is available. The above statements about colour is also very much true for the morph.

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