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LAG Multimedia was founded by Cand. Scient. Lars A. Gundersen in 1997 with the intention of producing 3D animations, illustrations and web designs.

Even then Lars had many years of experience experimenting with and making multimedia. He made his first web pages around 1992 and his first 3D animation in 1995.

Lars has a more personal web page at the University of Oslo, where he currently works as an IT Consultant.

The university studies in matemathics, informatics and physics, combined with a keen interest in design and multimedia, has led to an interesting cross pollination of ideas and approaches. It has also meant LAG is able to absorb new technologies and tools very quickly.

Our list of customers include big and small companies, as well as individuals. We have worked with Telenor (Norway's biggest telecommunications company) and ColorLine Cruise Ships. We look forward to having you and your company as customers!

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LAG Multimedia strives to use open standards where sensible, especially in information exchange interfaces.


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