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You need visualisation! A 3D animation of the inner workings of your comany's new product. A custom map. A flow diagram in 2D or 3D. A cover illustration.

Regardless of what you need, LAG can help you. With over 15 years experience within the field of computer based 2D and 3D we feel comfortable in most genres and in using most techniques.

So what can we do for you? Below you can see a few examples of what we've done for others. You need Quicktime 6 or higher to view the animations, and they will open in Quicktime Player.

Colorline fly-by

A short animation for the Cruise Line company ColorLine. The animation shows the ship "Kronprins Harald" in a 'fly-by', and was included in an interactive CD-ROM ColorLine produced for marketing.


This head you can either see here, or in the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo! This is a Quicktime VR animation of a 3D model of the head. The wood texture and the carvings were made completely in software. The animation is a part of the interactive CD-ROM "Vikings", published by Gyldendal.


3D can be a very good choice for visualisation of network structures. This illustration shows a hypertext structure that forms a central part of a research project at the University of Oslo.

Millennium Fields

This was a unique project: a collaboration with the artist Crispin Gurholt resulted in the innstallation and 3D animation "Millennium Preview".


What this is? Particle detectors, of course! More specifically, this is a Quicktime animation of proton detectors, constructed to detect protons in a beam, sent from a particle accellerator into and through the light grey 'windows'.

This is also a classic, as this animation was made in 1995 during the work Lars A. Gundersen conducted at the particle laboratory CERN, in Switzerland.


Bonus: ARM
ARM was an experiment LAG did a long, long time ago. Inspired by MYST and thelike, ARM was an attempt to see if such first-person navigation could work on the web. Additionally, it was a technical challenge to explore the then new interactive aspects of Quicktime 3.0.

ARM will open in its own window in its own environment. ARM is explorative in its nature, and therefore demands a certain level of patience. All the embedded Quicktime moview are clickable, even if they do not show a pointing hand cursor. So go ahead and explore!



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