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Layout ingressbilde

Unicode 8 encoding? 11 point Palatino or 12 point Garamond? Illustrations as TIFF? In which color space? When working with layout and especially technical production there are very many parametres to juggle around, and a lot of choices have to be made. Let LAG do the job for you, and you are ensured of a high quality result.

LAG can produce everything from leaflets to books, from flyers to magazines. Research reports, PhD theses and books. LAG has many years of relevant experience, producing for instance many volumes of Security Dialogue, an international quarterly published by PRIO (Peace Research Institute Oslo) and Sage Publications, UK.

IMK forskningskatalog

Research Catalogue for the Department of Media and Communications, 2002. This was actually the last such catalogue to be produced on paper, as the custom CMS that LAG subsequently implemented for the Department always made sure a fresh PDF Research Catalogue was available.


Front cover design for a research publication published at the University of Oslo.


Information flyer for, an information portal for Norwegians looking for info on education and work.




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