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LAG Multimedia can do two types of web work:

• Web design
Visual design, information design and hierarchy structuring. We place a lot of emphasis on doing the foundation work, structuring and information design, thoroughly . All too often this is taken too lightly, resulting in websites that might look good, but which don't work for the visitor and therefore does not generate as much traffic as it could.

• CMS (Content Management System) implementation
Imagine the following: You company has a piece of news you want to tell the world about. You open a web form, input a text (without worrying about formatting etc), uploads a picture, clicks OK.

This click invokes a chain reaction of intelligent automation: The news item is listed on the correct company web page, with a link to a more detailed story, on a web page with an automatically scaled version of the picture you uploaded. The system also generates a nicely formatted email and sends it to your customer list, and it even generates a PDF file with the item and links it to your web pages.

There are naturally many CMS (Content Management Systems) solutions on the marked. However, these often fall into one of two categories: the heavyweight champions, demand an equal heavy investment in infrastructure and support, and the simple, lightweight solutions, which are easy to install but which do not have the flexibility and scalability that is needed to make a truly great CMS.

LAG Multimedia has expertise in OmniPilot Lasso Professional. Lasso is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) product for custom publishing solutions. Lasso does not demand a heavy investment in infrastructure and is highly scalable, so that your solution can grow with your needs, when you need it to. Lasso is therefore an excellent alternative in the marked, one that does not demand a high price for entry. With Lasso, LAG can make a totally custom CMS for you that really does exactly what you need it to.

IMK web

CMS for Department of Media and Communication at the University of Oslo was implemented to cover the total need for information flow at such a place. The illustration shows the major lines of dataflow though the system.

The solution implements and handles several types of information, not only web. It publishes in several different formats, including html, PDF, RSS and XML, and implements solutions such as on-the fly language switching, sessions and automatic image scaling and reuse. The system is easily integrated with existing static html-pages (or other dynamic content). A more thorough run-though of what the system does is available in this PDF document (Norwegian only).


Jobbfeber.no is a web portal for people seeking information on jobs and education in Norway.

This was a total engagement for LAG Multimedia: set up of hardware and software, implementation of the CMS and design of everything visual, including logo and web.

The custom CMS cross-links hundreds of job descriptions, education descriptions, schools, video interviews and articles in such a way as to make the resulting portal easy to navigate and use. We can do the same for you!

Factoid: Because all links are automatically made and mantained, the website, which servers over 1500 dynamically generated different pages, as a whole generates less then 0.2% "404 - not found" errors on average.

LAG Old Flash Site

Old Lag Flash site is an old version of the LAG web site.

This site was constructed to experiment with movement as an interface and navigation aid. By for instance letting section headers move and morph into sidebar menu choices it can become clearer to the viewer how sections in the web site relate to each other.

For a number of reasons I no longer use Flash to build my own site. Suffice it to say that while Flash has its place, I prefer to make such typically presentational sites with standard (X)HTML and CSS.

Please note that the site pointed to here is only an example of LAG Flash work and interface experimentation. Contents, such as images, videos etc, is to a large part missing.



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